The JCB Flex Lease allows you to make payments when you’re earning money. 

If you operate a seasonal business, perhaps in landscaping, paving or snow clearing, the JCB Flex Lease is for you. JCB Flex Lease limits your payments to just $99 per month during the off-season, with larger payments due when your revenue is greatest. The JCB Flex Lease is a genuine alternative to renting, with in-season payments often less than rental fees for a comparable period. Add to that, the benefit of being able to use your machine to generate off-season revenue, and watch your profits soar. 

• 6 x in-season payments of $1,036.37 per month 
• 6 x off-season payments of $99 per month* 
*Based 2018 215 SSL, 60 month flex lease structure, 500 hrs per year 

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