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The JCB 1CXT, 2TS and RS Generators awarded for innovation, efficiency and outstanding safety.

Three JCB Machines – JCB RS Generators, the 1CXT Backhoe Loader, and the 2S-7T Compact Track Loader – have been recognized by Construction Equipment magazine as “Top New Products of 2020”.

Exceptional build quality is the hallmark of every JCB machine – and the JCB RS Generators offer a rental-ready range, including five Tier 4 compliant models ranging from 70kVA to 625 kVA. Designed with high quality components, including the JCB Dieselmax engine and JCB’s LiveLink telematics system, the entire range can be mounted on fast-tow trailers for quick delivery, providing optimal performance hour after hour, day after day.

The 1 CXT Backhoe Loader is one of the smallest in the JCB loader range, offering outstanding versatility, maneuverability, and materials handling. Equipped with a 49 hp engine that requires no aftertreatment, the 1CXT is efficient and easy to operate. An optional hand-held auxiliary tool circuit makes this machine a self-contained power source for a range of hand tools you need on the work site, from chainsaws to jackhammers. And the machine’s compact size and low weight offers uncomplicated towing, often without a commercial driver’s license.

The 2TS-7T is another mark of JCB innovation. The world’s first and only small platform compact track loader with a telescoping boom, this machine has a full 7 feet of forward reach so operators can load both sides of a flatbed trailer from one side, or over obstacles for easy load placement. With a rated operating capacity of 2,096 lb with the boom retracted and 1,140 lb fully extended, the 2TS-7T allows you to lift higher, reach further, and dig deeper than any competing machine. 

These exceptional JCB machines – the RS Generators, the 1CXT Backhoe Loader, and the 2S-7T Compact Track Loader are recognized by Construction Equipment as “Top New Products for 2020” because each machine offers innovation, greater productivity, exceptional efficiency, and outstanding safety. Everything you would expect from a JCB.

JCB CASE STUDY: JCB Skid Steers Help Masonry Company Get the Job Done Faster, Safer

APEX case study photo

Darryl Nasief has been building brick and block walls and pathways throughout Jefferson County, Kentucky, since 1985. As the owner of Apex Industrial Maintenance, Nasief and his 10 staff install new commercial masonry and repair damaged masonry for insurance restoration companies.

In 2008, Nasief began his search for a skid steer loader for site clean-up, digging, excavating for concrete flatwork and moving materials around the jobsite. He eventually purchased a used JCB Robot 170 model, with 100 engine hours, from Boone JCB in Bardstown, Kentucky. Nasief was attracted by the side-entry door on the JCB machine after hearing about operators getting injured while using conventional, twin-armed skid steers, because of the need to climb over slippery attachments to access the front-entry door.

Nasief also liked that the single-arm Powerboom™ of the JCB machine would allow his operators to safely exit the machine with a hoisted load, to ensure the load is properly positioned. This, he knew, would not be possible with a conventional skid steer, as the raised load would block their exit.

The JCB Robot 170 skid steer turned out to be a great purchase and a true workhorse, requiring very little maintenance in the 10 years that followed. When it became apparent that Apex could use a second skid steer to keep up with additional projects, Nasief once again turned to Boone JCB. This time he purchased a larger JCB 330 skid steer, with the rated operating capacity to lift a whole pallet of blocks up to the second level of scaffolding. Additionally, its maneuverability allows Apex operators to easily drive inside commercial factories and small yards to install and repair masonry.

The service Nasief has received from Boone JCB has helped make him a JCB advocate. While his machines have not required any major repairs, Nasief occasionally calls the Boone team to ask questions about the features and options on his new JCB 330.

Now, Nasief has his eye on JCB’s newest skid steer innovation – the Teleskid. He feels that the Teleskid’s maneuverability and one-of-a-kind telescopic boom will be a great fit for Apex’s indoor factory jobs. Regardless of whether he eventually ends up with a Teleskid, one thing’s for sure – Nasief plans to continue running JCBs.


As JCB celebrates 25 years of skid steer production, the company is launching seven new large-platform skid steer loaders and compact tracked machines.

The machines feature a new Hi-Viz boom, which is mounted 50mm lower to further improve visibility from the cab.

Features include:

  • Hi-Viz boom offering increased visibility to the right-hand side
  • Enclosed quick hitch protecting all internal components
  • Protected tilt cylinder allowing cab to be raised with boom in any position
  • 10% increase in tilt cylinder breakout force on 250 and 270 models
  • 15% wider opening door improving operator access

Wednesday, November 08, 2017

After growing up on a farm and then working in the foreclosure business for the past 17 years, Roger Fessenmyer is no stranger to operating heavy machinery. When he recently retired, he began searching for a new machine to use for independent local contracting  work. The right machine had to be incredibly versatile, powerful and easy to operate.

Fessenmyer spent months researching several machines and contacted a local dealer, American Equipment Services (AES) in Sabina, Ohio, to learn more about the equipment JCB has to offer. AES arranged a factory tour for Fessenmyer at JCB’s North American headquarters in Savannah, GA, where he became interested in the JCB Teleskid—the first skid steer and compact track loader with a telescopic boom.

The Teleskid’s unique design allows users to lift above 13 feet, reach forward 8 feet and dig 3 feet below grade – tasks that other skid steers or compact track loaders simply can’t accomplish. The Teleskid’s bucket-positioning leveling system is active when the boom is raised or lowered, making it easier to keep gravel, mulch, dirt and other materials in the bucket. Additionally, Teleskid combines the advantages of vertical lift (for greater lift capacity and lift height) with those of radial lift (for improved excavating and grading) into a single machine.

As soon as he tested the JCB Teleskid compact track loader, he was sold. Originally drawn to the machine for its side-entry capabilities, he quickly recognized the many additional benefits as well—including ease of operation, durability, comfort and versatility.

The machine has now become the heart of Fessenmyer’s new business, allowing him to offer a wide variety of services to Northeast Ohio. From hauling lumber or trees to digging, moving rocks and dirt, putting in culverts, or building a pond, there is little Fessenmyer can’t do with his new JCB Teleskid.

Thursday, November 02, 2017

JCB was honored today with a “Pillar of the Industry” award by the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM), reflecting the Savannah-based company’s work throughout the past year to improve the business environment for the equipment manufacturing industry. JCB was also praised for its efforts to advocate for pro-manufacturing solutions, and for its participation in AEM’s “I Make America” grassroots program.

“With a new Congress and administration in Washington this year, equipment manufacturers did a better job than ever at communicating our industry’s priorities to our elected leaders,” said Dennis Slater, AEM president. “AEM is thrilled to honor JCB as a Pillar of Industry for their outstanding commitment to advancing policy priorities essential to the equipment manufacturing industry.”

“As a leading construction and agricultural equipment manufacturer, we’re grateful at JCB for the opportunity to promote policies that support manufacturing jobs and help America’s manufacturers to compete on the global stage,” said Richard Fox-Marrs, president and CEO of JCB North America. “And we’re especially proud to have supported AEM’s ‘I Make America’ campaign, which has struck a chord with our state and federal leaders, and our workforce, and helped remind all Americans that a strong manufacturing base is a national asset to be valued.”

This year’s “I Make America” campaign – themed “Our Products. Our Jobs.” – brought a record number of elected officials to AEM member companies across the country. In addition, AEM members descended upon Washington in September for the first-ever I Make America Fly-In, where member company executives visited with 100 congressional offices and administration officials, to advance the industry’s policy priorities.

AEM is a North American-based international trade group representing more than 900 companies and more than 200 product lines in the agriculture, construction, forestry, mining and utility sectors worldwide.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The JCB Teleskid skid steer and compact track loader has won a prestigious 2017 Editor’s Choice Award from Rental magazine in recognition of its innovative design, utility for the rental market and interest from end-users and rental professionals.

Launched in March 2017, the JCB Teleskid is the world’s only skid steer and compact track loader with a telescopic boom, allowing operators to lift above 13 feet, reach forward 8 feet and dig 3 feet below grade. It is also the only skid steer to combine the advantages of vertical lift—for greater lift capacity and lift height—and radial lift—for improved excavating and grading—in a single machine.

“The JCB Teleskid does the work of four machines – a telescopic handler, masted forklift, compact loader and a skid steer, all in one easily-serviced machine making it a perfect fit for the rental market,” said Steve Fox, president of Direct Sales and Product for JCB North America. “The JCB Teleskid is designed and built here in the United States, and it’s very rewarding to see it receive such a positive reception from Rental magazine and rental professionals around the world.”

Based on JCB’s proven large-platform skid steer design, the Teleskid is available in the 3TS-8W wheeled and 3TS-8T track models. The machine’s single-arm, telescopic boom design allows operators to perform tasks not possible with conventional skid steers, such as loading high-sided trucks without a ramp, reaching across a standard 8-foot-wide trailer, digging or clearing drainage ditches and mowing down sloped surfaces. The Teleskid’s bucket-positioning leveling system is active when the boom is raised or lowered, making it easier to keep gravel, mulch, dirt and other materials in the bucket. For more information, visit

Rental magazine is a publication of AC Business Media, whose editorial staff chose the “2017 Editor’s Choice Award” winning products for their innovation, utility for the rental market and audience engagement online. The Teleskid and other winning products are profiled in Rental Magazine’s October/November issue. For more information about the Editor’s Choice Awards, visit


Monday, May 15, 2017

A fleet of more than 20 JCB machines is playing a starring role in the latest installment of a cult film franchise. JCB skid steers loaders, Loadall telescopic handlers and JS excavators were supplied to 20th Century Fox for the making of the new film “Alien: Covenant” which will be released in the U.S. on Friday, May 19.

Starring alongside actors Michael Fassbender and Katherine Waterston, the machines are wrapped in stunning gold to give them a futuristic look – the idea of British film director and producer Ridley Scott.

“This is one of the highest-profile film projects in JCB’s history, involving approximately $1.3 million worth of machines,” said Michael Plummer, JCB’s Worldwide Marketing Director. “Ridley Scott’s idea to wrap the machines in gold delivered a stunning result and is certainly an eye-catching addition to a film which will be seen by millions of people around the world.”

The machines – which appear in the film’s finale – arrived at the movie set in Sydney with the help of JCB dealer Construction Equipment Australia. The dealer also provided film makers with six JCB generators for additional on-site power.

The equipment is used in the so-called “terraforming bay,” an area which alters the environment to make it capable of supporting terrestrial life. “Alien: Covenant” is set almost 100 years in the future and is the sixth film in the popular “Alien” franchise.


Tuesday, March 07, 2017

JCB today previews the world’s first skid steer and compact track loader with a telescopic boom. The JCB Teleskid is a revolutionary new product that can reach 60 percent further forward than any other skid steer on the market and – in an industry first – it is the only skid steer in the world that can dig below its chassis to an unparalleled depth of three feet. In addition, this innovative new machine can reach 8 percent higher than any other skid steer.

JCB Chief Innovation and Growth Officer Tim Burnhope said today: “Through innovation this machine will surpass the expectations of our customers as the world’s first skid steer and compact track loader with a telescopic boom. The JCB Teleskid can reach further forward and lift higher and dig deeper than any other skid steer.” JCB pioneered telescopic technology with the launch of the Loadall nearly 40 years ago and today it’s the biggest selling telescopic handler in the world. Nearly 25 years ago, JCB also introduced another innovation: the industry’s first single-arm – or ‘Powerboom’ – skid steer, taking safety to new levels.

Now the company has taken its drive for innovative product solutions a stage further by combining both technologies into one to produce the JCB Teleskid: a skid steer and track loader complete with a telescopic boom. The JCB Teleskid has an unrivalled forward reach of 8ft – making it 60 percent better than the nearest competitive machine. With a lift height of 13ft, the JCB Teleskid can reach 8 percent higher than any other skid steer in the world.

This brand new innovation receives its international debut for the construction industry at the Conexpo show in Las Vegas. Tim Burnhope added: “The JCB Teleskid can do the work of four machines – a telescopic handler, masted forklift, compact loader and a skid steer, all in one easily-serviced machine. The telescopic boom will allow operators to load trucks without a ramp, reach over kerbing and dig below ground, all with clear visibility of the attachment.”

The JCB Teleskid will be on the only skid steer on the market which is able to combine vertical and radial lift capability. A unique bucket-positioning levelling system allows the bucket level to be set and maintained throughout the boom’s range of movement.


KANSAS CITY,KS (May 19, 2016) – Equipment dealer CSTK JCB hosted a successful open house at its new JCB sales, service and rental facility at 401 Shawnee Avenue in Kansas City, Kan., earlier this month.

“Our dedicated JCB facility has been open for a few months, but we wanted to host an event during warmer spring weather that would allow us to demonstrate JCB equipment and its many advantages,” said Dave Burns, vice president of CSTK, Inc. “We’re very pleased with the turn-out we received at our open house, and we feel that it gave us a great opportunity to show the Kansas City area what JCB is all about.”

Nearly 100 attendees ranging from purchasing agents to construction crew workers each received a “Time to Switch” JCB skid steer t-shirt and a CSTK baseball cap. Chunky Al’s BBQ catered a free barbecue lunch, and a few lucky individuals won raffle prizes including three Yeti Roadie coolers and 25 CSTK JCB sport duffle bags. JCB’s world-famous Dancing Diggers backhoe performance team wowed the crowd with their unique routines and stunts. CSTK’s own Sales Representative Mike Horine even got in on the action, safely maneuvering a JCB skid steer through the diggers as they performed.

“We thought integrating JCB’s unique skid steer with its single-arm PowerBoom into the performance would be an excellent way to show off its safety and agility,” Burns said. “All in all, I think the event helped us introduce JCB equipment to a Midwestern market that could really benefit from its durability, reliability and value.”

KANSAS CITY, KS (March 31, 2016)  JCB equipment dealer CSTK JCB has opened a new, dedicated JCB sales, service and rental facility at 401 Shawnee Avenue in Kansas City, KS 66105. The new JCB facility is directly across the street from CSTK’s existing Thermo King Dealership at 400 Shawnee Avenue.

“When we originally became a JCB dealer in 2013, we merged the JCB product into our existing facility with plans to construct a new facility in a new location,” said Dave Burns, Vice President of CSTK, Inc. “However, the building across the street from our Thermo King location became available. We moved our JCB operations into that building, branded it with JCB signage, and we’re currently selling, servicing and renting equipment there.”

CSTK is a Thermo King dealer and transportation solutions provider with 13 locations in the United States. The company serves transportation companies, fleets, owner operators, and other vehicle/heavy equipment users with units, parts and services for their operations.

“Each CSTK location independently evaluates their market to decide whether other business ventures make sense in their respective areas,” Burns said. “Here in Kansas City, selling JCB equipment was simply a good fit for us. JCB’s Tier 4 Final engines that do not require diesel particulate filters (DPFs) are very similar to the engines used in our other manufacturers’ equipment, so it was easy for us to cross-train our technicians, sales and parts professionals. We also liked the fact that both types of equipment offer environmentally friendly engine solutions. It was a fairly easy decision to carry JCB.”

Thanks to Kansas City’s busy homebuilding market, CSTK JCB has seen success renting JCB’s telescopic handlers to builders who use them to lift pallets of roofing shingles, lumber and other building materials. The company sold several 3CX Super backhoe loaders to Leavenworth County, Kansas, and JCB’s skid steer and compact track loaders with their unique side-entry door have also gained some traction in the marketplace.

“Safety is very important to us at CSTK; we have a corporate safety director that travels to our locations to ensure we’re following proper safety procedures and proactively training our personnel,” Burns said. “Back in 2013, when I initially saw JCB’s skid steers, I was very impressed with the fact that they could help our customers be safer on the job with easy access in and out of the cab.”

According to Burns, there are a variety of reasons why JCB is gaining market share in the Kansas City area since CSTK JCB started selling equipment in early 2014.

“We really feel that JCB’s no-DPF engine solution is a huge selling point,” Burns said. “Other manufacturers’ machines require the use of a DPF and the time necessary to undergo the regeneration process. We’re working hard to get that message out since it’s a tremendous benefit to the end user. Plus, our inventory and service support follow the customer-focused vision that CSTK has implemented for more than 40 years now. That’s a testimony to who we are and the type of service a JCB customer can expect from us.”


New dealer to provide JCB equipment and service to the Kansas City area

SAVANNAH, GA (December 19, 2013) — JCB’s North American dealer network continues to expand with the addition of CSTK JCB. A successful transportation solutions provider since 1975, CSTK will now represent the full line of JCB construction equipment—including new, pre-owned and rental models—and provide JCB parts and service at its dealership in Kansas City, KS.

For over 30 years, CSTK has offered products and services for a variety of applications including transport refrigeration, comfort systems, auxiliary power units, customizable truck bodies, lift gates, trailer skirting and over-the-road and specialty trailers. Now, the dealership will apply its many years of experience to JCB’s wide range of construction equipment, including the world’s safest and most innovative skid steer, known for its patented single-arm PowerBoom and uniquely safe side-entry door. Other industry-leading JCB products now available at CTSK JCB include wheel loaders, backhoes and Loadall telescopic handlers. CSTK JCB also offers a fully-stocked parts department and a full-service maintenance team featuring professionally-trained JCB mechanics. 

“We’re very excited to join the JCB family and offer quality JCB products to the Kansas City metropolitan area,” said Dave Burns, vice president of CSTK JCB.  “JCB shares our customer-oriented focus, and by working with JCB, we’re able to continue offering our customers the very best equipment solutions, supported by a wide range of service and parts.”

“CSTK JCB is an outstanding fit for our growing dealer network,” said Dan Schmidt, JCB North America’s vice president of sales. “CSTK JCB’s dedication to a forward-thinking, forward-moving business philosophy matches perfectly with the innovative atmosphere at JCB. I have no doubt that together we will further strengthen the JCB brand in the Kansas City market.”

To learn more about CSTK JCB, visit or call (888) 225-2785. For more information about JCB’s industry-leading equipment for the construction, agriculture, industrial and waste/recycling markets, or to find a dealer near you, call JCB’s North American Headquarters in Savannah at (912) 447-2000 or visit


JCB, the world’s third largest construction equipment brand, has 22 plants on four continents: 11 in the UK, six in India and others in Brazil, the USA, China, Germany, France and employs more than 10,000 people worldwide.

JCB manufactures more than 300 different machines including: backhoe loaders; Loadall telescopic handlers; tracked and wheeled excavators; wheeled loading shovels; articulated dump trucks; rough terrain fork lifts; mini excavators; Robot skid steer loaders and JCB Vibromax compaction equipment. For agricultural markets, the company produces a range of telescopic handlers and the unique Fastrac tractor. JCB also manufactures the Teletruk forklift for the industrial sector.

JCB is privately-owned by the Bamford family and Chairman, Sir Anthony Bamford, has been at the helm of the company since 1975. The company officially marked its 65th anniversary on June 21st, 2011, the 95th anniversary of the birth of company founder Joseph Cyril Bamford. For more information, please visit